Charles Orchard went to Asia at 21 and lived a life to the full. He spent many years pre hand over in Hong Kong and was one of the first foreigners to live in Myanmar and now he is based on the tropical island of Bali.

Before the craziness of tourists, he travelled extensively. His mind got whirling and the creativity he was born with, started him thinking, dreaming, and creating.

He established himself as a designer and manufacturer of furniture for the hospitality industry and At the same time was an art consultant to many prestigious hotels round the world. He also created an idyllic life for his family in Bali.

Thirty seven years later after carving an impressive career and vast list of experiences and friendships, he decided to launch his own range of furniture that reflect his larger-than-life personality that’s bold, unexpected, fun, colourful, that make you smile and lifts your spirits – let’s face, it it’s what we all want after the last few years we have had.

Our heart ❤️

The way the world is right now, it would be impossible not to talk about our heart. Both myself and my wife Luli are involved in the lives of many people in Indonesia but specifically Bali.