I have always loved colour, if you ask anyone who knows me, I am normally wearing bright colours, especially pink. This love for colour was a natural influence in the creation of our new furniture range, which we designed to be colourful, fun, and make you smile.

Being English but having lived in Asia for most of my adult life, I felt inspired to name the colours in our range after things that hold personal significance. For instance, 'Canggu Yellow' is inspired by a surfing spot frequented by my children. 'Sambal Red' reflects the ubiquitous spicy condiment of Indonesian cuisine. 'Plum Red' symbolises the regal nature often associated with China, a nod to my decade in Hong Kong. 'British Blue' bridges my two worlds, while 'Peppercorn Pink' pays tribute to Cape Town, the birthplace of my daughters, and to the game farm where we spent many joyful days. This colour is inspired by our favourite pepper tree on the farm, a symbol that brings back cherished memories of our times in the Karoo.

The Balinese are incredibly creative and mixing colours is in their blood, and we are excited to offer a service where we can mix a colour especially for you, to match your own interior, which is something very few others can do.

We welcome any inquiries about our colour creation and customisation services. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll do our utmost to assist you.

To order paint samples or bespoke colours please contact: or call 07872 647782.

Cucumber Water
Celadon Green
Avening Green
Will's Purple
Plum Red
Sambal Red
Burmese Orange
Marking Blue
British Blue
Bali Blue
Canggu Yellow
Illusion White
Rice White
Natural Rattan