The way the world is right now, it would be impossible not to talk about our heart. Both myself and my wife Luli are involved in the lives of many people in Indonesia but specifically Bali.

I was the chairman of the R.O.L.E Foundation for over 10 years, which educates and empowers women in Bali, through practical education programs, so that they can improve their local environment and develop sustainable communities.

Luli, after being fashion editor for the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, found herself immersed in the lives of people serving predominantly life but some facing death sentences in the prisons of Indonesia. She visits them regularly alongside helping with medical bills, food and having their families to stay – but mostly loving and caring for these prisoners. This is something we, as a whole family, have embraced and consider a privilege – we call these people our prison family.

We take the same loving approach to people in our factory and offices in Bali. Our aim is to be kind, thoughtful, aware, and conscious of those around us.