Launching a range of bamboo furniture was a logical progression for Charles Orchard, adding to his existing collections of Asian inspired rattan and lacquer. After decades of living in Indonesia, where there is a heightened consciousness of all things sustainable, the harsh reality of deforestation was a core driving force in the realisation of this ethical range.

When Charles and Luli first moved to Bali they became friends with Linda Garland who was known as the"Bamboo Queen". Bamboo is a grass and a perennial which when harvested gets stronger and stronger - it is a superpower to global warming, fast growing, cost-effective, landscape transforming and it reduces rural poverty. Charles' and Luli now partner with Linda's son Arief who has set up The Bamboo Village Initiative which draws alongside the bamboo communities the Orchards work.

The perimeter of Charles and Luli's Garden in Bali is festooned with bamboo and it's hard to go anywhere in Indonesia without seeing this strong yet elegant material.

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